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eitle Customers

According to our "Eitlen Philosophy", it is not our goal to sell cheap computers. We do not want to take customers from any trade chains. It is not our goal to serve every person, but those, who are searching for a full supplier who is eventually available to any time and which knows the situation at his location, and is searching for new hardware, as far as it is possible.

Most of our customers buy exclusively from us, and enjoy adequate exclusiveness in our actions. If you come as a customer to us, we will not rest until we have gotten the perfect solution, as far as there is no conflict with our principles.

Our customers buy generally high quality products, which are usually much less problematic, when we need support from the manufacturer even years after purchase. They do not expect, that they can return products (exept if they are defective or sold wrong), and they know, that we offer nearly everything from the mousepad to the internet account. They are people, which have extra ink cardridges at home, so they can simply change them, instead of running off to buy refilled products.

Each customer is welcomed by us, even if his hardware and software was purchased somewhere else. We are there for every machine, of course to different conditions to "eitle systems", where we know the general behavior of our own products.

So everyone who likes us to do his computers and shares the "Eitle Philosophy", is welcome. Also we reserve the right not to serve everyone, if we think, that we can not help him.