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eitle History

1993, Autumn After only one week in the Agrarian School in Tulln, Daniel Schmatz returns in the Zentral School in Neulengbach. Now, in the "Polytechnischen Lehrgang", he is sitting for the first time serious in front of a computer. It is one of the two slower machines (Future 386) beside of 5 new computers (Highscreen 486).
1993, Autumn
2 weeks later
Daniel is with his waterskiing father Karl by a quarry pond in Vienna. After many hours they went to the "Donauzentrum", where a new computer, an "IBM PS/1 486 DX 33 with 120 MB harddrive, 4 MB ram, 14'' monitor and Star LC200 color needle printer“ is bought.
1994, Spring Daniel Schmatz installs the first Computer Network in the "Schulzentrum Neulengbach with" his Teacher Mr. Wohlmut. First 8, later 22 computers are connected over RG58 with "Windows for Workgroups 3.11".
1994, Autumn Daniel Schmatz starts his apprenticeship for retailer in the firm "Computer Pionier" store 90 (Ottakringerstraße 73, 1160 Wien). „Computer Pionier“ is the computer branch of "Niedermeyer".
1997, October 24th Daniel Schmatz does his final examination. Even as he is still in firm "Niedermeyer", he already builds component systems by hisself for selected customers.
1999, September 1st Daniel Schmatz is with "Red Zac Müller" in Neulengbach.
2001, Spring Daniel Schmatz is very unhappy about the development in mobile communications and searches for a change.
2001, April 12th Daniel Schmatz is self employed from now on.
2001, August 1st The office of "Eitle Computer" is opened with the motto "Eierspeise mit Mineralwasser".
2002 After the expansion in web design with "Eitle Webs" the company name is changed to "alles Eitle".
2011, August 1st Still and quiet "alles Eitle" becomes 10 years old.
2016, Autumn "Eitle Computer" invents the System of "Eitle Hauptrechner" wich are little Servers for small companies. Also the "Eitle Hauptrechnerkontrolle" is intruced to keep systems stable and that for a really small fee.

photo: assembling of computers for computerroom A in Central School Neulengbach in summer 1998