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eitler Newsletter

We offer an e-mail newsletter, which is specially directed to our customers.

It appears sporadically, always when relevant security leaks are discovered which affect our customers, and an action is necessary by us or the computer owner.

Also relevant changes in our firm are published per newsletter.

In the past, 3 to 4 newsletters where sent per year.

The following information is inlcuded in our newsletter:

  • new and relevant security leaks which affect our customers
  • new working hours from "Eitle Computer"
  • new service fees
  • information about reasonable updates

To receive our newsletter, send an informal e-mail to us:

To cancel the newsletter, do the same.

Comment: If we send a newsletter and your e-mail-address is not available, it is automatically removed from our list. Also if your mailbox is over quota.

We reserve the right to cancel this service anytime without any reason.