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etile Brands

We are trading only with exclusive hardware from our portfolio. We do not sell cheap products because we want to sell things, which will work for a long time. For this reason we made up 3 "groups" of manufacturers. Please be aware of the fact, that a manufacturer can be in two groups with two different kinds of products. Of course we trade only offically legal software products.

Group A - manufacturers which are traded exclusively by us

  • Image editing, video editing, authoring from Adobe
  • Internet accounts from Tele 2
  • ISDN adapters from AVM
  • Optical media from Verbatim
  • Digital video cameras from Canon
  • Digital foto cameras from Olympus
  • Power supplies and cooler from Enermax
  • Computer cases from Ultron
  • Soundcards, loudspeakersystems and webcams from Creative
  • Magnatec media from Fuji-Magnetics
  • Mainboards with Intel cipsets from Gigabyte
  • Graficadapters from ATI-AMD
  • Scanner, printer and streamer from Hewlett Packard
  • Central Processing Units from Intel
  • Random Access Memory and Memory Sticks from Kingston
  • Notebooks from Lenovo
  • Optical drives from Samsung and LiteOn
  • Accessories Manhatten, Belkin and Other
  • Network and wireless products from Netgear
  • Floppy drives from NEC
  • Mice and Keyboards from Cherry
  • Operating systems from Microsoft
  • TFT monitors from Phillips
  • Harddrives from Seagate
  • Backup and security solutions from Symantec
  • Burning and backup solutions from Ahead
  • Wires from Acome
  • Calculating Programs from Sage 50

Group B - brands which can be ordered

  • on demand

Group C - brands which cannot be ordered

  • if you ask us about it, we will tell you