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new Computers

We prefer computers compared to notebooks, because they are much more lasting and have better performance. Also services can be done easier and for a longer time. Besides that, we persue also here a strict manufacturer selection. Each component comes from a definete manufacturer and has to feature specific characteristics.

Even though our machines belong in the upper seqment, we use mainly passive components.

A new "Eitle Computer" is usually quite and works with only 2 / 3 fans (one in the power supply, the other on the cpu heat sink) where both are temperature controlled and have a large diameter to guarantee quite running.

Our computers are assembled after customer needs, which means, that we do not trade with already built products, but compose each machine by customers needs.

In case of a defect, you do not have to depend on manufacturers or on location service contracts, because we simply change the defective part and you can work on.

Our target group is small- and medium size business, as well as private people which are searching for machines, which will work for a long time and which have no interest in computer games.